Why Organize a CareerCamp?

CareerCamp unconferences bring many unique advantages over traditional job fairs or career conferences.

First, as you might imagine, for the unemployed and underemployed, money is tight and spending hundreds of dollars on a traditional career conference might not be possible. Since CareerCamp unconferences are usually free events for the attendees, even the most financially strapped people can manage to attend. In fact, it is these attendees who CareerCamp is most eager to reach. We want to provide opportunities for the most needful people in the local community.

Second, the costs of organizing a CareerCamp are small compared to a traditional conference. Through partnerships and sponsorship costs such as venue, promotion and food can be covered, keeping the event free for attendees. Grants might also be sought to cover these costs and any additional outreach after the main event.

Third, due to its unconference nature CareerCamp gives attendees a feeling of control over their lives and their careers. The attendees drive the agenda of CareerCamp and take control of their careers for at least one day. This positive reinforcement carries over into their job search above and beyond what information and skills they might learn at CareerCamp. Keeping a positive mindset can be one of the most powerful, and most troublesome, parts of any job search or career change. CareerCamp helps to re-energize attendees to continue their search for “the career they deserve.”

Fourth, CareerCamp can help reach out to the local community and draw out the knowledge that already exists there. Many people who might not think of presenting as a professional career speaker nevertheless have an amazing amount of important knowledge that can and should be shared with their local community. This local knowledge is important as it arises from “real world’ circumstances and experiences that directly effect the attendees. Presenting at CareerCamp allows local businesspeople to introduce themselves to their possible customers while providing great, immediately actionable information to the attendees. Sponsors can facilitate the organizing and operation of a CareerCamp — giving back to their community while also reaching those local people most likely to buy their products and services. Local organizational partners of CareerCamp, such as governmental agencies, community colleges and universities, can use CareerCamp to raise their profile in the community and show their dedication to building that community in a variety of ways.

CareerCamp provides a win-win for everyone involved. Attendees gain important information, organizations, sponsors and presenters gain exposure and the community benefits by helping to put people back to work or allowing them to improve or change careers.

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