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Searching for new CareerCamp Partners and Venues for 2015!

November 10, 2014 Leave a comment

As we approach the end of 2014 it is time to look forward into the new year and find more places and more ways to share all the benefits that a CareerCamp Unconference can bring to you, your clients, your communities and your organization. Already CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) — our longest running CareerCamp — is scheduled for July 2016. This will mark the 6th Annial CareerCampSCV and our 11th CarerCamp overall.

In the past we have successfully organized CareerCampLA and CareerCamp SFV (San Fernando Valley), but our past venues have not been available for us recently, so I am reaching out personal to you to help find new venues and new partners for new CareerCamps throughout the Los Angeles area, but also around the world. Part of the long-running success of CareerCampSCV is the ownership, leadership and deep support of the College of the Canyons Career Center — including Anthony Michaelides, Lonnie Davie and all the staff. They have made CareerCampSCV their own and this has guaranteed its continued success there. Their hard work, along with the excellent venue provided by the Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook University Center University Center, and the generous financial support of the local Santa Clarita community make CareerCampSCV a great example of what CareerCamp can be.

I am looking for more great partners like College of the Canyons for the coming year. I know there are many communities out there who could greatly benefit from CareerCamp and i want to help you make them happen. Do you have a venue and an audience that would appreciate CareerCamp? Are you interested in how unconferneces can bring new knowledge, new contacts and new energy to your community? Please contact me at I’d love to help you launch a CareerCamp in your area.

You can find more information about CareerCamp using the links at the top of this blog post including “What is CareerCamp?” and “Why Organize a CareerCamp?”

Douglas E. Welch

Founder, CareerCamp International

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CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) 2013 Presentations and Discussion Groups

July 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Here is the complete list of presentations and discussion groups from CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) 2013.

CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) 2013 - 03 CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) 2013 - 56

  • How to get focus and get results, Networking to your job with Jeffery Tyler
  • Transferable skills. Empowering yourself
  • No Linkedin = No job with Jeffery Tyler
  • Rethink. Refocus, Reinvent with Jennifer Oliver O’Connell
  • Taxes and you
  • How to get the job you want now! with Keri Aaver
  • 10 things to do while you’re looking wtih Jennifer Oliver O’Connell
  • How can a hobby expand your career path? with Lynn O’connell
  • Google-Fu search Engine Skills
  • Resumes – Tips and suggestions
  • Is academia for you? with Dr. Rosanne Welch
  • Catching them with your cover letter with Dr. Rosanne Welch
  • Mourning your last career in order to celebrate your new one with Dr. Rosanne Welch
  • Smartphones and your career with Douglas E. Welch
  • How to speed up your job search! with Keri Aaver
  • Re-entering job market after long time not working
  • Networking long distance planning to relocate?
  • Interviewing techniques Discussion
  • Social media and you career: a discussion with Douglas E. Welch
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Photos: CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) 2013

July 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Here are 90 pictures from yesterday’s CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) 2013. As always, we had a great group of attendees (who also became presenters and discussion leaders) and much career-related information was shared.

Click this photo to see a slide show of all the photos.

Please share your photos and memories of the event. Post your comment and photos here on the blog, to the CareerCamp International Facebook page, Flickr photo sharing site (tag them with the keywords: career camp, careercampscv, careercampinternational, careercampscv2013) or the CareerCamp International page on Google+.

CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) 2013 - 71

Ccscv slideshow

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News: Open space: the ‘unconference’ paradigm celebrates its 20th year By Olivia Solon

October 13, 2012 Leave a comment

“Open Space” created the original principles on which CareerCamp, and other unconferences, are based. Here you can read a bit more about Open Space ideas and how they work as the concept celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

From Wired Magazine UK…

Open space: the ‘unconference’ paradigm celebrates its 20th year

Imagine going to an event where you don’t know who the speakers are, what the sessions are going to be about, when they’ll be and how long it will last. One might consider an event like that to be a complete failure on the organiser’s part, but it’s not if you subscribe to the “open space” methodology, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Open space is an open, democratic means by which meetings and conferences can be arranged to encourage productive discussions and serendipitous idea generation. It was invented by Harrison Owen, who first detailed the methodology in his book “Open Space Technology: A User’s Guide”, after planning a conference on Organisation Transformation with a traditional format for two years in a row and dreading the prospect of doing it for a third year. Instead of carefully planning an agenda for the third year, he decided to send out a simple, on-paragraph invitation to his contacts. More than 100 people turned up on the day and, with a little shepherding, they organised themselves into groups with similar interests to discuss issues that they were concerned about.


 Read the entire article

CareerCampSCV2012 Sessions

July 15, 2012 Leave a comment

This is a list of the sessions presented at CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) 2012 on July 14, 2012.

CareerCampSCV 2012 - 2

  • Who are you today? Interview with a new attitude with Karen Hudson
  • Career Branding and You with Jennifer Oliver O’Connell
  • Marketing yourself in social media
  • Learn what employers expect
  • Social Media and your career: A Discussion
  • Conducting an effective job search
  • 21st Century Blogging
  • Business Etiquette “Stand Out”
  • Living and working abroad
  • What is working in your job search?
  • Managing your online presence while seeking a job
  • Rethink. Refocus. Reinvent. with Jennifer Oliver O’Connell
  • Staying motivated while looking for work
  • Guerilla LinkedIn: Steps to do tonight and benefit tomorrow
  • Career Compass: Finding your Career “North” – How to find the work you truly ‘want’ to do with Douglas E. Welch
  • Who am I now: What my clothes say about me
  • Resume Review with Mitch Krayton
  • Marketing yourself during a job search
  • Ask HR – Q&A with a Director of HR
  • The power of your transferable skills
  • 1o Things to do while you are still looking
  • Interviewing and preparing
  • What is a resume for? with Mitch Krayton
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Job Seekers
  • Interview with Confidence, Competence and Value with Mitch Krayton
  • What is success…and why you might have it already? with Douglas E. Welch
  • Maximizing your LinkedIn Profile
  • Paint your career “green” without starting over
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CareerCampSCV is SOLD OUT!…but you still have a chance to attend!

July 13, 2012 Leave a comment


CareerCampSCV is officially sold out, but we are releasing tickets from our waiting list as cancellations come in. If you get your order in now, you have a good chance of catching those last few open spots.

Those people who registered but can’t come for some reason have been very good about informing us, so we are able to re-release their tickets for people who may have heard about CareerCampSCV late. Thanks to everyone for that. Our goal is to give every possible person the chance to attend CareerCampSCV so we will be making every accommodation towards that goal.

Thank you for making CareerCampSCV a SELL OUT SUCCESS!!!

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CareerCampSCV 2012 Proclamations

July 12, 2012 Leave a comment

CareerCampSCV received 2 proclamations leading up to this year’s event.

The first is a Certificate of Recognition from the California State Assembly

California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition

The second is from the City of Santa Clarita declaring Saturday, July 14, 2012 as CareerCampSCV Day in the city!

City of Santa Clarita Proclamation

Many thanks to CareerCampSCV Co-Chair, Mitch Krayton for his work in informing the state and city of the great work that CareerCampSCV has been doing for the last 3 years.

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Registration is now open for CareerCampSCV 2012 – July 14, 2012

May 16, 2012 2 comments


Our third CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) is happening on July 14th, 2012 and tickets are available starting today. We hope to see you there!

Unemployed? Underemployed? New college graduate? Considering new career options?

Join us for CareerCampSCV 2012!

When: Saturday, July 14, 2012 9AM to 3:30PM

Where: 26455 Rockwell Canyon Road Santa Clarita, CA 91355

FREE Admission • FREE Parking


College of the Canyons Career Center presents CareerCampSCV, a FREE hybrid conference/unconference dedicated to helping you build the career you deserve. The day will include scheduled speakers, ad hoc presentations and breakout ses- sions on all aspects of building your career. CareerCamp is FREE for all adults who want to build or improve their career. Space is Limited. Register for FREE today. For more information, a list of scheduled speakers and additional career content

CareerCampLA is just 14 days away! – Helping to Build the Career You Deserve!

April 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Inline image 1

I would like to personally invite you to CareerCampLA 2012 which is happening Friday, April 20, 2012 at LA Southwest College.

CareerCamp is a community organized, career-focused, unconference which calls upon local communities and people to share their knowledge, expertise and other important information on developing yourself and your career.

This will be our 3rd CareerCampLA and our 6th CareerCamp overall. You can find photos, video and audio from previous events on the CareerCampLA web site which can give you a small feeling of what the experience is like.

For more information on CareerCamp and a short explanation of unconferences in general, you can visit the CareerCampLA Wesbite at

For Recruiters and Employers:

I recently wrote a short blog post on “Why employers and recruiters should attend a CareerCamp event?” to specifically address some comments I received at the DoL event. I think there are significant advantages  for employers and recruiters to meet motivated job candidates in this casual and positive environment.

You can read this blog post at:

If CareerCamp sounds interesting and useful to you, please share this information with your organization and clients. I have attached a CareerCampLA flyer, in PDF format, to this email.

CareerCampLA 2012 is only 14 days away. CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) is scheduled for July 14, 2012 and we will be setting a date and location for CareerCampSFV (San Fernando Valley) as soon as we can.

For information on future events, please subscribe to our mailing lists:
CareerCamp International (for information on all CareerCamps)

If you have any questions about CareerCamp, please feel free to email ( or call me at 818-804-5049.

Thank you for your time and attention! I look forward to seeing you at a future CareerCamp!


Why recruiters and employers should attend CareerCamp events?

March 31, 2012 Leave a comment

I was a guest at a recent Department of Labor event in downtown Los Angeles. It was an outreach meeting for faith-based and neighborhood partnership groups in the Los Angeles area. In speaking with several attendees, one issue was mentioned above all others. Employers and recruiters would like to find a better way of connecting with potential job candidates — beyond the typical job fair environment.

This interested me greatly, as I have been seeking to attract recruiters and employers to our CareerCamp events since they began. I have always encouraged recruiters and employers to come to CareerCamp as just another attendee. No sitting behind tables collecting resumes and passing out job listing. I think that this allows employers  to meet and interact with people without the “baggage” of being someone who has a job to offer. Employers and potential employees can spend a day as equals. Instead of having only a minutes to converse, employers and potential employees can spend the day together learning and growing.

CareerCamp SCV

See more pictures from CareerCamp events

Even more, it allows employers to see people interacting in their normal, everyday way. They are not in “interview” mode where every word and  movement is carefully calculated. People are also usually more forthcoming about other interests in their life, their life experience and the skills they have acquired.

For employers, CareerCamp attendees have one particular advantage. These people have already shown a level of initiative and proactivity by simply attending the event. They are already motivated to “Build the Career You Deserve” — one of the basic tenets of CareerCamp. Being immersed in a collection of motivated job candidates is sure to turn up some of the very people they want working at your company.


Let this be my personal invitation to all employers or recruiters to attend any CareerCamp event. Come and experience a day of positive, informative and active career building. We would love to have you speak on your own expertise as someone who is looking for well-qualified job candidates, too.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of people who attend CareerCamp and the huge amount of positive energy it generates. There is a different way of meeting your future employees beside the typical resume gathering at a job fair. Come and experience a new way of “Building the Company You Deserve!”

Douglas E. Welch
CareerCamp International Founder

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