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Searching for new CareerCamp Partners and Venues for 2015!

As we approach the end of 2014 it is time to look forward into the new year and find more places and more ways to share all the benefits that a CareerCamp Unconference can bring to you, your clients, your communities and your organization. Already CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) — our longest running CareerCamp — is scheduled for July 2016. This will mark the 6th Annial CareerCampSCV and our 11th CarerCamp overall.

In the past we have successfully organized CareerCampLA and CareerCamp SFV (San Fernando Valley), but our past venues have not been available for us recently, so I am reaching out personal to you to help find new venues and new partners for new CareerCamps throughout the Los Angeles area, but also around the world. Part of the long-running success of CareerCampSCV is the ownership, leadership and deep support of the College of the Canyons Career Center — including Anthony Michaelides, Lonnie Davie and all the staff. They have made CareerCampSCV their own and this has guaranteed its continued success there. Their hard work, along with the excellent venue provided by the Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook University Center University Center, and the generous financial support of the local Santa Clarita community make CareerCampSCV a great example of what CareerCamp can be.

I am looking for more great partners like College of the Canyons for the coming year. I know there are many communities out there who could greatly benefit from CareerCamp and i want to help you make them happen. Do you have a venue and an audience that would appreciate CareerCamp? Are you interested in how unconferneces can bring new knowledge, new contacts and new energy to your community? Please contact me at douglas@careercampinternaional.org. I’d love to help you launch a CareerCamp in your area.

You can find more information about CareerCamp using the links at the top of this blog post including “What is CareerCamp?” and “Why Organize a CareerCamp?”

Douglas E. Welch

Founder, CareerCamp International

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