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Why recruiters and employers should attend CareerCamp events?

I was a guest at a recent Department of Labor event in downtown Los Angeles. It was an outreach meeting for faith-based and neighborhood partnership groups in the Los Angeles area. In speaking with several attendees, one issue was mentioned above all others. Employers and recruiters would like to find a better way of connecting with potential job candidates — beyond the typical job fair environment.

This interested me greatly, as I have been seeking to attract recruiters and employers to our CareerCamp events since they began. I have always encouraged recruiters and employers to come to CareerCamp as just another attendee. No sitting behind tables collecting resumes and passing out job listing. I think that this allows employers  to meet and interact with people without the “baggage” of being someone who has a job to offer. Employers and potential employees can spend a day as equals. Instead of having only a minutes to converse, employers and potential employees can spend the day together learning and growing.

CareerCamp SCV

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Even more, it allows employers to see people interacting in their normal, everyday way. They are not in “interview” mode where every word and  movement is carefully calculated. People are also usually more forthcoming about other interests in their life, their life experience and the skills they have acquired.

For employers, CareerCamp attendees have one particular advantage. These people have already shown a level of initiative and proactivity by simply attending the event. They are already motivated to “Build the Career You Deserve” — one of the basic tenets of CareerCamp. Being immersed in a collection of motivated job candidates is sure to turn up some of the very people they want working at your company.


Let this be my personal invitation to all employers or recruiters to attend any CareerCamp event. Come and experience a day of positive, informative and active career building. We would love to have you speak on your own expertise as someone who is looking for well-qualified job candidates, too.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of people who attend CareerCamp and the huge amount of positive energy it generates. There is a different way of meeting your future employees beside the typical resume gathering at a job fair. Come and experience a new way of “Building the Company You Deserve!”

Douglas E. Welch
CareerCamp International Founder

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