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What are people saying about CareerCampSCV?

Here are a few comments made by attendees at CareerCampSCV…

“I enjoyed it and got a lot of information.”

“Definitely worth attending. Enjoyable and informative.”

“Great networking opportunity, also many people willing to help and share there experience and suggestions”

“I have already passed along references and information from the Career Camp (SCV) to friends who are beginning their job search.”

“There is help, resources, and support ‘out there’ so I don’t have to go it alone.”

“I felt a bit overwhelmed and yet oddly energized as well. I left with lots of good notes and things to ponder.”

“The workshop gave me some insights into how to find the common traits and skills to create a resume that won’t pigeonhole me.”

“There is something for everyone. Even if you are not looking for a job or thinking of changing careers you will gain insighes into many areas of your life.”

“I liked it all. The enthusiasm, the fact that so many merchants contributes gifts makes me know that they believe in the benefit to their community.”

“A great way to prepare for your next job, career or just interview! You’ll let go of your insecurities and you’ll focus on how great you are!!”

“This is such a positive event that just having it again would be very helpful…”

More to come!

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